The Leader in You. The Brilliance in Resilience. Overcoming Adversities in School.

Education is The Key to Your Dreams. How to Adapt to a New Culture and School System



How to Motivate English Learners and Migrant Youth


Education, The Key to Success

Coming to The United States in2006 as an unaccompanied migrant minor all the way from the sugarcane fields of Central America, I experienced firsthand how it feels like to go through unexpected cultural changes and school system’s expectations.

I was raised by a single mother of 3. In 2008 enrolled in High School. I was an E.L.L. student (English Language Learner) In 2011 graduated High School. Showing through example, immigrants have potential, grit “ganas”, and can thrive. My presentations are high in content and will INSPIRE YOUR AUDIENCE. My captivating story will ignite your audience’s will to SUCCEED. I am most relevant for audiences that need to be INSPIRED. I will develop a thirst in your audience to take ACTION.

Students will learn the importance of leadership. They will learn how to adapt to a new culture and school system. I will help you inspire students, parents, and teachers to embrace change. Do more even when there is less to do more from, and have a positive attitude. By joining forces with me your next conference will be a success!

I will deliver information plus motivation to help parents transform their relationships with their kids. I will bring my skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to raise personal morale in the hearts of your everyone in the audience.

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