Ovidilio’s speech at UC Berkeley was pleasant. His personal story is sure to inspire and motivate any audience.
Justin M.G. Mendez
- Author, Coach, & Award-Winning Speaker
Students were engaged & excited to receive your book. Thank you for being inspiring!
Madonnabelle De Leon
- EL Specialist, HUSD
Students were engaged & appreciated the personal stories they could relate to.
Natalie Lover
- EL Program Specialist, 201
Inspiring stories that helped our students make a connection between their lives and school, gracias!
Fracisca A Montes
- Migrant Edu. Program Intervention Specialist K-12
His words were inspiring and healing. I could see a shift of energy in my classroom! Ovidilio is one of a kind -imagine a Latino Anthony Robbins; tons of energy, positivity, and heart!
Miroslava Velo Egonmwan
- Teacher on Special Assignment
Ovidilio gave a great speech to our 10th-grade class. Call him up!
Lori Villanueva
- Principal, Tennyson High School
That's what I wanted to hear!
Stan “Data” Dobbs
- Superintendent of HUSD
Mr. Vásquez is what we want our students to grow up to be. I'm really impressed by his very positive attitude. He is very inspiring
Lisa Brunner
- School Board Member of HUSD
A powerful storyteller! He shares his intimate story about his solo journey from Guatemala to the U.S. and how he overcame all obstacles. He delivers with such raw passion, empathy, and conviction. He is truly a change agent for his community!
Jason Arenas
- Parent & Community Engagement Specialist at ACOE
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