Often times, what students need, is an inspiring message that can bring hope to their lives full of challenges
-Ovi Vasquez

I am a farm boy from the sugarcane fields of Central America. From wielding a machete in the sugarcane fields at the tender age of 14 years old. I arrived in the US in 2006. In 2009, my mother had to return home to care for my dying grandmother. Left alone, with no support, I did the only thing I could do —survive. Enrolled in high school during the day and working in warehouses at night, stayed away from drugs, alcohol, and negative influences, I overcame adversity and graduated in 2011. Received my DACA in Nov. 2014. Studied IT in business from Foothill College and landed an internship at Salesforce, have worked for Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, Uber, and now at Cruise Automation. I am the author of 5 books and I emerges today as one of the most sought-after bilingual motivational speakers of our time.

Ovidilio Vasquez
Sugarcane Farm Boy Turned Author & Keynote Speaker
My Message

I share with educators how to motivate migrant students & keep them motivated. I help migrant students adapt to a new culture & school system, and to succeed. I inspire parents to encourage their kids to enroll in college.

My goals are to increase college enrollment. Increase graduation rates. Decrease dropout rates. Your audience will learn: Why education is THE KEY to your dreams. How to stay positive when facing hard times. How to stay free from negative influences. How to discover your true potential. How to get and stay motivated for a better life. How to awaken the leader in you.

As a teacher every day you are impacting the lives of hundreds of kids. You are shaping the future of our country. But, with so much contention and negativity in the world, how do you ensure it doesn’t show up in your classroom? How do you stop the bullying and eliminate racial tension? How do you help a migrant kid who is ready to drop out?

As an unaccompanied immigrant farm boy from the sugarcane fields of Guatemala, I have experienced firsthand the struggle that immigrant children face. I understand how disruptive it can be to the classroom, from bullying to feeling alone, to the fear of not being able to make it on my own. I was tired of not being able to understand most of my teachers. I failed classes. I failed the CAHSEE test 3 times. I wanted to drop out.

The good news is; Even though my single mom left me by myself during High School, I overcame these challenges. I worked in a warehouse during graveyard shifts to put myself through school. I built my own self-esteem to overcome the bullying. I focused on my studies. I worked tirelessly to enroll in college, start my own company, and become a published author.

Now, I’m passionate about sharing my story with students and teachers. Bridging the gap between immigrant and American children. Showing teachers how to identify early warning signs of immigrant children who are here alone. Inspiring students and teachers alike to discover their greatness. Developing a thirst in parents to get involved in school’s meetings. It is our understanding of each other that allows us to come together and succeed.


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


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